The Dart Fam (The Legendary Dart Family)


EMAIL US DIRECTLY AT: thedartfam@bilshot.com / thelegendarydartfamily@bilshot.com

About The LDF

We are an experiment more than we are a rap group. We set egos aside, and we learn from & collab with each other from around the globe. Our intention was never to be taken seriously, but some people actually liked the music we were making. Our name is a nod to the Wu family because they inspired us to start this experiment in the first place, as well as a reference to the legendary Hart family of professional wrestling fame (because I thought it was funny). We’ll have a lot of new music on the way under the name The LDF. So stay tuned & keep creating…
-Ace M. Metric


Bilshot aka Bshot The Mad Rapper (Founder & Current Manager) (themadrapper@bilshot.com / admin@bilshot.com / bshot@bilshot.com)

Ryan Tieman aka Ace M. Metric (Founder) (Deceased)

Diz One aka Dizzy Diz

Rashawn Sloan

J!mmy P!$tolz


Threats Maguyv

Twicha (twitcha@bilshot.com)

Raw Produkt

Mr. Chuy

Patricia Lawler aka Broken Stitches (Graphic Designer)


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