This man is not mentally ill! He may have Bi-Polar disorder but he is not crazy he knows exactly what he says & is risking everything to fight and speak out against the evil beast aka the corrupt system and media in place that suppress & exploit the people. Seriously if your too dumb to see that then your probably just a brainwashed puppet who does everything your government or media tells you to do and you probably believe the whole “Kanye is crazy” rhetoric because you can’t think outside of The Matrix that controls everything 🤣👌💯

The whole reason they are cancelling him and banning him is because he is speaking the truth and trying to “save the people” hence why Adidas and others have dropped him and no longer support him because he is thinking outside of The Matrix and going against the evil powers that control the music industry and media.

In this particular interview he is talking about exactly the same thing I’ve been wondering for so many years I’ve always wanted to know… why the hell do they only keep promoting & playing violent gang-related rap music on the radio stations that glamorise selling drugs & having guns and killing each other!?!? Where is the positive feel-good rap music?? Exactly like Ye is saying “his people are sick” and not just black people but all people, the general public are sick because of the gross influence the media has on our lives on a daily basis which is keeping us all sick, this is the truth.

And that’s how they want to keep us is ill-informed, poor, sick & dumb!!! Because that’s what makes them richer, lines their pockets and makes us poorer and kill each other. Open your eyes people & see things for what they are; think outside of The Matrix 👀👁️👀 don’t be blind to the truth, only the truth can set you free 👌❣️💯

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Kanye West is exposing the music industry in his latest interview on the Nore show calling Puff Daddy, Jay-Z, Meek Mill and Drake the Feds! He is saying that 90% of black artists are signed by Jewish owned record labels and they have a repulsive influence on the artist. He is also saying the media is controlled by Zionist Jews, he says “you just get used to getting screwed by the Jewish media” – the same people that keep telling you all he’s crazy 🤪 the same people that only broadcast news that shows him in a negative light for being outspoken – the same people that “put out 2Pac and XXXTentacion.” He says “Well I guess I’m next then because there’s no backing down at this point.” In the full interview he also goes in to detail about the Kardashians kidnapping his kids and the 78 media outlets making him out to be an abuser when “he was trying to get that heroin addict Pete Davidson away from his kids.”

He’s ruffling the right feathers but he’s playing a dangerous game because we all know how it ended for PAC going against the Illuminati but fair play to Kanye for standing up for himself and going against them like he says “you poked the bear for too f*ckn long” 🐻 at least he actually has a back bone unlike most of the fake & famous these days👌💯 too many people trying to call him crazy for this and downplay it. He says “I’m not afraid of y’all no more” and he is “going to free his people in the name of God.” He is basically putting his life at risk by sounding the alarm and taking on the beast. “The Jewish media blocked me out”

Kanye is telling the truth and the truth will always set you free 💪🙏🔥🙏🔥🙏💪

“This person is not crazy, maybe the environment is a little sick” – Dave Chappelle

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