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    I suggest saving points for Slayer Helmets. It’s very helpful , and when you add on addons, it can be used for Ranging/Maging tasks also. I’d advise getting rid of the BGS and purchase an Ss/Whip. Depends on whether you’re training Attack/Def or Strength. A Chaotic Rapier could be used for all 3 of them if you decide to buy it. I did this when I was a lower level.

    If I were to calculate the basic stats I’d say 50+ It seems that that is just Runecrafting or Woodcutting? I just took a brief glance through your bio and noticed your distinctive. For GWD I’d suggest around 85+, because it looks like you have Extremes and Chaotics or at least one. Therefore, focus on 50+, and then 60+, 70+, etc…

    You should be able to attain 85+ in Attack and Defence, and you could prob attain 90 Strength. You will need to get at least 70+ agility if intend to join Sara GWD, and I’d recommend 90+ Range Arma. All else is pretty good to GWD. You’ve got Extremes Piety, Piety, and Chaotics. So if you’ve got decent armor, you’ll be in good shape.

    If you want to improve your numbers, you just have to do what you feel is necessary. certain quests require a certain degree in a particular skill. That quest may lead you to an ideal weapon, armour or new area. You’re close to 99 fishing, and it will only be trained faster as you progress higher! You could try some barbarian fishing or living caves in rock for the perfect cape.

    Woodcutting is easy and fast up until about the 80s. Then I started to slow down to perhaps a grade each week. Here’s a short guide that will show you the most efficient levels you can achieve: 1-15 Basic trees to the south of the ge either sell to the ge, cut them into unstrung bows and sell them to the general store, or burn the wood. Find the finest hatchet you can , as soon as you’re able to use it.

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