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    This manual is different. Any course has weak and strong points, but what about more practical advice, such as how much cash and adequate equipment your toon will need at low levels.Everyone has a favorite class, but the pull to roll alt characters consistently wins out in the mywowgold.com wow classic gold conclusion, and that is more about bag distance than anything else. Some classes are easier to level and are less reliant on equipment, making them better as mains which could send gold and gear to your alts later.

    A Rogue actually makes a good main as well, since they’re a versatile DPS course that isn’t too equipment dependent. So is it that we roll them as alts instead?

    To make them into twinks, of course! With only a couple of gold at your disposal for other features, equipment, and enchants, the amount 19 battleground bracket will be ruled by your alt Rogue. It is also enjoyable to players your degree in world PvP situations. If you are feeling really sour, and likely you are since you rolled a Rogue in the first place, you can stalk cities or towns picking pockets to make a few extra coin or degree your roguish skills.

    Hunters will also be versatile DPS course that can use many different weapons, plus they have a handy Feign Death ability to prevent those pesky graveyard runs that waste so much time. Every class that could play a Hunter has skills that improve weapon stats, like the Orc preference for axes or the Human sword ability.

    Trolls make great Hunters as a result of this bow proficiency and they often lead raids and dungeons, yet another source of money and gear. These attributes make them simple levelers and perfect main characters.

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