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Jacob & Co. Godfather 50th Anniversary: Events, Watches, Memories

In a surreal location in Sicily, Jacob and Co. celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Godfather with a select group of journalists, friends of the brand and collectors, with the launch of the Jacob & Co. Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary Watch . This is a very personal event report with behind-the-scenes pictures and stories.

When I received the invitation in August, I had no idea of the scale of the event or the impact it would have on me. The received schedule was packed with fun events, but didn’t reveal how cool the event was when it ended.

So, on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, I started my journey to Sicily with unusual enthusiasm. Since I didn’t have a Jacob & Co. piece, I had to look for the next best thing, my trusty Ludwig Perpetual, which turned out to be a solid choice.

Arriving at the Grand Hotel Timeo was the first hint of the true scale of the event. Belmond 5 star hotel, the location of this paradise on earth will take your breath away. I can only compare it to some locations in Lake Como. But the unique Sicilian light, absolutely stormy weather and magical setting make it unique. I mean, 24°C to 27°C at the end of October, colorful vegetation and lots of tourists make you feel like you are in the middle of summer.

Oil tasting sessions are just an introduction to Sicilian gastronomy. As requested, I attended the first event associated with the Jacob & Co. Godfather event – an evening cocktail party – in casual attire. A traditional band, delicious cocktails and some light refreshments got the evening off to a great start. Since almost everyone knows everyone, it was nice to enjoy a great show in the first part of the evening.

Cocktails were just the beginning of the evening’s events. A large table awaits Jacob & Co. guests for dinner on the lower terrace. After a presentation by Jacob and Benjamin we were treated to some amazing Sicilian food, desserts and wines. Gianni Russo further entertained the crowd with some stories and songs. 40 journalists and 30 collectors spent the evening in this lovely atmosphere. Of course, cigars were not to be missed at the event, and music kept the night alive. <p>high quality watches replica</p>

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